–    watch the video and answer the questions related to the case.

–    Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer on leadership:

1.  Why was Dr. Pfeffer angry and frustrated? (10%)

2.  In the Leader-Organization-Employee stakeholder triangle, how do you align their motivations and interests? Give an example. (10%)
3.  How can authenticity be bad for an organization? (10%)

4.  What is Dr. Pfeffers belief about behavior? (10%)

5.  How can people in the same organization cooperate and compete at the same time?  Who is responsible for your career?  (10%)
6.  What distinguishes good leaders?  Give an example. (10%)

7.  What is holacracy and how does Dr. Pfeffer feel about it?  Give an example. (10%)

8.  Do employees struggle to understand various cultures and belief systems?  Give an example. (10%)

9.  What is behavioral imitation? Give an example. (10%)

10.  What are the 2 biggest workplace stresses? Why? (10%)



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