Week 6

Week 6.

IFSM 305

Topic:  Selecting an EHR system  – understanding cloud implementations.

As part of the Stage 4 assignment you will propose an appropriate EHR system for the Midtown Family Clinic.  In addition to whether or not it is a certified EHR system, one of the most important aspects of the system is whether it will be implemented on-site at the Clinic or will be hosted “in the cloud.” This discussion will help you understand what a “cloud-based system” is and what benefits and challenges come with that implementation choice.

GROUP 2:  Conduct some research on cloud-based systems or, specifically cloud-based EHR systems, and:

  1. In your own words, explain what a “cloud-based” system is and how it differs from a system implemented on the premise of the using organization
  2. Identify two benefits of using cloud-based systems
  3. Identify two risks or drawbacks of using cloud-based systems

GROUPS 1, 3 and 4:  For at least two postings,

  1. Comment on the completeness and correctness of the explanation of what a cloud-based system is and how it differs from an on-premise implementation, explaining your comments.
  2. Comment on the applicability of the benefits and risks/drawbacks identified, explaining your comments.
  3. Provide at least one additional benefit or risk/drawback of using cloud-based systems. (You should use different benefits/risks for each of your response postings.)

Stage 3 Assignment see attachment

HRMN 367

Activity #1 – 

Think of a recent change that happened in your organization. Try to focus on a large change, not just a small change in artifacts, such as a form. It might be a policy change, a change in leadership, a change in organizational goals. Think about how it was implemented.

Based on Kotter’s 8 steps, describe the change. Did your organization follow each step? If so, describe how. If not, describe how “skipping” that step may have impacted the change and how employees responded to it.

Respond to two colleagues

Week 6; Lecture

Here is the lecture for week 6!


again,  this is only augmenting information; if it helps you – great; if not…well, at least it’s a short power point!

Week 6; Question 1

There are many examples of how culture is a force that change must overcome, but explain how culture might be used to accelerate change

Week 6; Question 2

What are the greatest barriers to be overcome when organizational change is needed?

Week 6; Question 3

Explain the relationship (if there is one)  between managing change and the life-cycle of an organization.

Week 6; Question 4

What happens if organizations don’t manage change – whether they let it happen naturally or simply disregard any need for change?

Week 6; Question 5

Which of Kotter’s eight steps of leading change do you see as the most important?

Week 6; Question 6

What was/were your most important take-away(s) from week 6?

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Week 6


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