What Is The Political Culture Of Alternative Politics

What Is The Political Culture Of Alternative Politics. What is the Political Culture of “Alternative Politics?”

Read the Cohen article, “Solving problems informally: The influence of Israel’s political culture on the public policy process,” assigned for this week. What is the political culture of “alternative politics”? How is “alternative politics” used in the Israeli political process? What is your assessment of alternative politics?


  • Write a formal two to three page essay complete with citations from at least two outside academic sources from the CSU-Global Library to support your findings.
  • Cite these on a separate page at the end of the essay and include a title page at the beginning.


Must be completed by tomorrow night August 18th, by 11 pm.


Can be two or three pages, does not matter to me just want all the material and questions covered.


What Is The Political Culture Of Alternative Politics


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