Who’s Willing To Do It ?

Who’s Willing To Do It ?.



you are going to read 6 chapters and answer 10 questions in eight hours


choose 10 question of them:


  1. What is Organizational Behavior and why do we study it?
  2. Describe the motivational approach to job design.  What are the ways to change jobs to increase job satisfaction and performance?
  3. Describe McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y assumptions about people at work.
  4. Briefly describe at least three common barriers to implementing successful diversity programs.
  5. Define, in order, the three phases of the socialization process. Describe the overall socialization process through these phases.
  6. (a) Explain cognitive dissonance. (b) Describe how we can reduce cognitive dissonance.     (c) Give one example of cognitive dissonance which you have experienced.
  7. Compare and contrast the characteristics of past managers and 21st century managers.  Provide at least three comparison points.
  8. Compare and contrast an affirmative action program with a diversity program.
  9. There are 8 organizational practices used to effectively manage diversity.  Describe 3 of them and explain how they are used.
  10. What is organizational culture and how does it develop?
  11. Define Observable Artifacts and Espoused values and give an example of each.
  12. Explain the difference between self-esteem and self-efficacy.  Give an example of each.
  13. Describe the three types of value conflicts and describe how they can affect an individual.
  14. How can job satisfaction be increased and what happens when we increase job satisfaction?
  15. What do you understand by the term “personality”?  Should employers administer personality tests to job candidates?  Why or why not?
  16. Describe the Competing Values Framework of organization culture.
  17. Describe the two types of Locus of Control and give an example for each.

Thank you.

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Who’s Willing To Do It ?


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