Write An HLA Assembly Language Program

Write An HLA Assembly Language Program.

 PROGRAM 3: Box It!
Write an HLA Assembly language program that prompts for a specific int8 value named n and then displays a repeated digit pattern starting with that number. The repeated digit pattern should show all the numbers from 1 up to that number, each on its own row. There should be a total of n 1’s on the first row. Then there should be a total of n 2’s on the second row and so on all the way up to n. Shown below is a sample program dialogue.

Gimme a decimal value to use as n: 6

Gimme a decimal value to use as n: 4

(Hint: I would recommend you write it first in C or Visual Basic and then translate your lines of code, one-by-one, into a assembly statements, just like our good friend mr. compiler does.)

Post the answer directly, I will buy it. Thanks!

Write An HLA Assembly Language Program


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